8 comments on “Dates of Three Friends Canadian Shows

  1. USA tour for 2012?
    Come to the south please!
    Alabama (Birmingham)
    Louisiana (New Orleans)
    Georgia (Atlanta)

  2. On va être là à Québec, 2ième rangée, la famille Lemieux en 3 génération: La Grand-mère, les fils et le petit-fils.
    See you!

  3. Can’t understand why you don’t come to Toronto, Ontario, Canada….great GG following from the 70s. Would absolutely love to see Three Friends!!

  4. From Toronto, love Quebec, saw 4 of 5 shows. Rimouski was beautiful. All shows were fantastic. G. Greene thought he was slipping in show 5 (missed a few notes… perfectionist or what!) while I thought they were just really gelling as a band. Can’t beat them. Wish Kerry Minnear or a Shulman could have been there. They should be proud of how well Gary and Malcolm are representing their music.

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