5 comments on “Three Friends Play gig in England !

  1. On a whim I decided to listen to some GG this pm and then thought “why not google three friends to see if they’re playing anywhen soon” … gutted does not cover it. Hope you sold out the venue.

  2. To second Simon’s comment, I’ve not been on here for a while so gutted I missed this. Can we have a mailing list for upcoming gigs please?

  3. Man, what a surprise on finding this website ! I’ve been an eternal fan of GG music & style and knew that Gary were playing and keeping the fire alive. Man, their hair has sure fallen but funny enough, that very right feet move was there on the videos to prove it´s Gary himself ! Congrats, guys, you don’t really have a simple idea how you’re part of my life, through your beautiful music & attitude.
    Long life, missing the Shulmanns too !

    Newton Sgobbi – São Paulo, SP Brazil.

  4. I found out recently from a friend (who was wearing a Three Friends tee shirt) that the music of GG was still be performed. Great news – hope you do some gigs in the London region on 2013.

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