10 comments on “Three Friends play Baja Prog 5th April 2013

  1. I saw them at the Sellerville Theater. Great show! They played Gentle Giant music and had a meet and greet after the show. They all gave autographs and took photos. I saw GentleGiant back in the 70’s at the Tower Theater. I wish all of the original members were there. But this is still a outstanding show. I would see them again.

  2. I saw the band in QuĂ©bec city last fall, in my mind I went back in time, back in the 70’s. They played those old pieces the same way as i remembered. The sound was fantastic and the emotions were really high. Great concert in fact. Merci beaucoup !

    • My son and me just watched some of your videos last night… Wow! I missed your shows last year in Quebec but I hope you’ll come back this year. We’ll not miss you this time.

  3. keep up the rehearsals lads and lasses, probably could use a warm up gig at the ropetackle before mexico, what do ya think?

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