5 comments on “Three Friends play the Cruise to the Edge

  1. Having Marillion, UK, QueensrĂżche, Steve Hacket, Genesis + others as supporting bands warms me as you certainly deserve it!

    Sadly I have no chance of going there, nor to the UK gig, but Thank You for serving us fans! 🙂

  2. What will be the line up on cruise to the edge ?
    what should be the set list
    (I’d like to re-listen before, as a training !)
    Thanks for your reply,
    if not… see you onboard ;-))

  3. I just returned from a Family funeral and thought that some day there will be one for me. Listening to “Friends” I thought, “There is a great song to play to my remaining friends at my own funeral”. I’ve never seen GG or Three Friends perform live. If your set list is still under construction for the Cruise to the Edge tour, I’d love to hear that from you! OK… and Aspirations, Inside Out, In a Glass House, Raconteur Troubador, and everything else you can fit in too! I am so looking forward to hearing from you!!

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