8 comments on “TF play Paris 24th October

  1. Three Friends carrying on the music of Gentle Giant is a wonderful and brave devotion to great composing and virtuosic playing. I hope you have a long successful future.

    • Agree that with the Moulettes supporting, perhaps a few sheets of dots and you could do: dog’s life, isn’t it quiet and cold, So Sincere, or Funny Ways, complete with violin/cello?

  2. Enventually possible to see TF ! Please do a small tour ! Paris is fine, Belgium would also be pleased to welcome you !

  3. I’ll be there for sure, maybe we’ll be talking about Three Friends coming to play at PROG SUD nex year in South of France ?? well hope o !!

  4. So does that mean you’ll do a Shoreham warmup gig in the days preceding? I sure hope so (missed the April gig)!

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