15 comments on “TF return from cruise

  1. All the bands on ‘Cruise to the Edge’ were great, but for myself and pretty much everyone I spoke to, Three Friends were the biggest and most unexpected surprise of the week. Despite relatively few live shows together, their sound was astonishingly tight, bright, fresh, enthusiastic and dynamic. The audiences for all three shows came away open-mouthed and grinning from ear to ear in pleasurable shock about how stunningly great the band was sounding in interpreting the classic music of GG. Having never witnessed the original band live, I was expecting a fairly serious affair… shoe-staring concentration and all, but just like everybody else I was blown away to see so much lighthearted playfulness and dynamism in their enthralling stage show. And….how the fekkety-fek do they count the beats so confidently through all those signature changes??? As a fellow musician, I shake my head in bewilderment. So if you appreciate exquisite virtuosity and you ever get the chance to witness Three Friends live…. DO IT. And guys in the band… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider doing a UK tour so we can enjoy your amazing stage presence again, and maybe even an album of new material???? You know you want to…. Thanks again for making CTTE even more special. Paul.

  2. The ‘Three Friends’ band illustrates how good the writing was in ‘Gentle Giant’s’ work. Thirty-four years after the band stopped the music carries on. And the music is played with the same skill, enthusiasm and sense of fun that it had the first time round, by players who have an obvious reverence for the music. It cannot help but move other people even after all this time.

  3. I was there. So very incredible, thank you so much for making a longtime aspiration come true. I really hope you guys keep at it, and I hope new music and a full tour of the US would not be too much to ask for. Cheers!

  4. I think they threw the sound man out of the booth that was handling the other bands and had their own guy, as the sound was superior to anyone else outside. They should have had a theatre performance. I saw GG back in ’77 and found TF as entertaining today as GG was back in their time. I’d love them to return for next year’s cruise.

  5. I was there too, as I told to Gary: “I have 3 friends (true) and I never think giants were bad… But I’m sure that you are crazy !.” And Gary said yes we are, and we try continuying this way !
    I never thought I could see GG, and 3F fullfilled my dreams. Great Shows I hope they’ll come soon in South France, and hope to be aware of that. Thank you again for shows and kindness

    • It must be a great fulfillment for Malcolm Mortimore to play Gentle Giant music once again because a twist of Fate sidelined him at such a young age after the ‘Three Friends’ album. This music has such beauty and energy it takes a very good drummer to make it live. It is heartwarming to see Malcolm be able to play this wonderful music once again because he brings so much to the playing.

    • they are GENTLE when you meet them aboard and GIANT on stage that’s my Proclamation Hail llllllllllllll

  6. I echo the comments of everyone thus far. Three Friends is why I came on the cruise and I left so impressed. I commend you for your friendliness as a band. Thank you to each member for being so open to talk and be appreciative of the myriad of comments and questions. The music was awesome!! The Pacific Northwest would love to have you if you can head this way. Thank you, thank you!!!!

  7. I just my new CD of The Power and the Glory remixed by Steven Wilson….oh my goodness! So great! Everyone must get it!

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