6 comments on “Three Friends Carry on Ctte in 2015

  1. This announcement will likely lock in our second consecutive trip on CTTE. Now that the best band on the last cruise has decided to sail again!

    • I agree totally that they were the best band on the last CTTE…also I thought Lifesigns were great,and they are also sailing again….hope to see you there….I’m Charlie in the wheelchair,you may have noticed me the last time…I’m easy to spot with no legs, sry..didn’t mean to shock you,it is the truth though,but I’m told I’m a pretty cool dude…so please come say hello when you see me enjoying myself listening to Haken. Enjoy….please come!!

  2. The only reason I am looking to attend the CTTE is because this band will be there. They blew away everyone on the last CTTE! So very excited to hear this news.

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