5 comments on “Three Friends play in Sussex 24th September 2015

    • Incredible news – cannot wait – hoping for playing the game, free hand and just the same on the set list – fingers crossed

  1. Great news! Even better that I hear about the gig before it happens this time :-). By the way, I’m a fan of the older stuff, and have enjoyed the setlists immensely when I have seen Three Friends live, but “Inside Out” is playing on my iTunes right now, and it strikes me how that might sound fantastic live. What do you think?

  2. CTTE 2014…Three Friends were the surprise highlight for me. Chuffin’ AWESOME! Trading Boundaries is my absolute favourite venue. It’s quite a magical place. 3F@TB will be something really special. SO looking forward to this! P.

  3. What a great gig! Despite having not played a gig for a year or so, the band were on fine form and although it is a bit smaller than their usual venues, Trading Boundaries was perfect! The atmosphere was exciting, yet so friendly, and it was amazing to discover the distances that so many people had traveled to be there. The sound was great (but I would’ve liked Charlotte’s violin and tenor, and Gary’s BVs to be a little higher in the mix). The guys stayed behind for some time after to chat and to sign stuff, and they all seemed to be over the moon with how well the gig went and the wonderful reception from the fans.
    There were whispered rumours they had enjoyed it so much that they were keen to include Trading Boundaries on their European tour early 2016…. Let’s hope so!
    Thanks again 3F and TB…

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