25 comments on “Gary Green in Hospital

  1. All the best Gary. Get well soon.

    Much love and peace to you and your family.

    I appreciate the joy you and the boys brought into my life.

    Paul Turzio – NYC

  2. We will definitely miss Gary on CTTE, but it is much more important that he gets well soon. All the best you.

  3. Very best wishes to Gary for a speedy recovery.

    Kind regards,

    Neil Rogers (friend of Steve Davis… I’m sure you know that Steve is also an ardent fan!)

  4. What a shocker ! Good to hear your making a quick recovery, Gary, and hopefully back home now.
    Looking forward to seeing you and the boys in the band back in Sussex real soon.

  5. All the best Gary – you have given me many hours of fantastic music over the years- you were awesome at Trading Boundaries just recently – hope you are well soon and look forward to seeing you again in the UK – Judy keep safe too!!

  6. Wishing the amazing Mr Gary Green all the very best for a swift and successful recovery. I was priveliged to see him performing with Three Friends at Trading Boundaries, not only one of my gigs of the year, (and I see a lot) he was a true gentleman, giving freely of his time. Get well soon sir! I home to see you again in the very near future! Cheers! Colin Emery (fan) of Hampshire, England.

  7. Thinking of you Gary. Really appreciated how loved you are from talking to the very knowledgeable and thoughtful people at the Trading Boundaries gig! Not only a great guitarist but a lovely man as well! Thank you – and hope to see you again soon – but would appreciate if you gigged closer to Cornwall (sod it – I’ll travel anyway!!! ) Get well soon!

  8. -Get well Gary – and give it the time it needs.
    I saw you at the “House of Music” in Gothenburg a few years ago. It was a memory for life!

  9. Gary – best wishes for a speedy recovery! We loved Gentle Giant in Philadelphia and never missed a show. Bring Three Friends back when you’re back on your feet.

    • Gary,

      Been a while since the initial episode and wishing you the best.

      Saw your April note hoping it will come together again soon.

      Get strong old friend. Perhaps well set up an “Unplugged” version at the St. George theater in Staten Island? Like Mickey Rooney said… “Let’s stage a show!” (trying to inspire you).


      Standing offer to help here in NYC if you ever see the need.

      Still my rock hero Gah!

      Paul Turzio – Your “first” GG fan when you arrived at Joint In The Woods. October 23, 1974 – the pleasure of imbibing together after driving from NYC to see the show. Helped you stage Central Park with Starcastle too!

  10. Hi Gary, I saw you last time in Carré Holland playing with Gentle Giant live back in the seventies. Great concert! I wish you all the best and hope that you already feel better! A HUGE guitar fan of you! You are a GREAT guitar player! Warm Regards, Joep

  11. Pray is all well for you Gary…I hope that one day we can see you grace the stage again..You were and are an inspiration for so many….Let us all know how you’re doing and God Bless.. Happy and healthy holidays to you and your family …

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