14 comments on “Three Friends in rehearsal

  1. Siete tornati in Italia vi aspettiamo con affetto😎🙌 un arrivederci e un saluto fraterno a GARY 🙋💋

    Inviata dal mio Windows Phone ________________________________

  2. Great hear that Garry is feeling better,! Continued healing and hopefully you will get to states again soon! You sound wonderful as always!

  3. Sounds really good in rehearsal,
    Would sound even better live somewhere on the south coast of England! In the not too distant future, pretty please G

  4. Great news about Gary. Totally admire your dedication to that beautiful body of work that is GG. Gotta watch your diet.

  5. rehearsal footage is brilliant – I would love to see these guys in concert as I missed Gentle Giant first time round. I wish Gary a full and speedy recovery.

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