6 comments on “Two memories ……( could be two pilllocks ha ha )

  1. Hi TF,

    Lasting to hear see you again…

    Best wishes for each of you, specially for Gary’s health Let’s know about it

    Philippe french fan since 70′, passenger of CTTE14

  2. As before – are there any more gigs or is it the end – please put us out of our misery!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yes, let’s have an update on how things are going. Hope you are fully recovered now Gary! Was good to see you all at “Talking Elephant” Sherfield English, nearly 2 years ago., and Shoreham before that. How about the Isle of Wight Festival (on my doorstep), as it needs an infusion of decent music!!
    By the way, where and when was the photo posted taken?
    All the best.
    John, (Isle of Wight, England)

  4. Hope all is well you guys do some more gigs. And if Gary sees/answers this…I hope you do some videos of the guitar parts of Gentle Giant (like Steve Howe did for some Yes stuff). I’m learning them the hard way…from albums and videos!


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