8 comments on “From a forthcoming re-mix of part of the Three Friends Album, here is a link to Peel the Paint. This is Gentle Giant not Three Friends I know, but it is MM & GG and TF do play this one live.

  1. ‘do play this one live’ – does this mean there will be more gigs – I am asking for the third time – please let the many of us out there know once and for all what if anything is happening, I keep looking once a week and nothing so far!!!!!!!!

  2. Seriously …Three Friends website people, clue us in on current status of members…gigs…etc.
    There is an interested audience out here!!!

  3. Don’t know why there are never any responses to us fans, but if you guys running this site talk to

    Gary Green, I would IMPLORE…and BEG, yes BEG Gary to put on video the guitar parts for Gentle

    Giant songs. A split screen, like Steve Howe has done for YES guitar parts, so guitarists who would

    like to learn and carry Gentle Giant songs on into the future have accurate renditions to learn from.

    If there is anything i could do to help feel free to contact me.

  4. How about at least the main beginning phrase of Cogs in Cogs. Love to see that! Just place 2 few cams on your guitar during rehearsal, i can pick up any voicing from that…Gary…pretty please : )

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