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  1. hello three friends people

    i wish you can play in france or switzerland or netherland or england or germany this or next year
    i cant go shoreham ,damned or

    im a fan from this music at 25 years
    i see this in you tube
    i cant believe they are playing this tracks-


    • The Netherlands please. I am a fan for not so long. Only a few months ago I first heard music of Gentle Giant and hooked from the start. So please a gig in the Netherlands would be great!!

  2. Really enjoyed the show! These people not only clearly had fun to play together yesterday night, but were very tight and did give a professionnal performance. I was surprised to see a Leslie amp on the stage, but you need something to put the computer onto, dont you? There were people from teenagers to nearly 70’s there, which confirms this music carries its part of eternity. Above all, it was great to be able to greet the musicians personally and have a short chat with them. Many local “stars”, who never came close to tour worldwide like these people, don’t even care to have this attention for the people who came to cheer their performance. The versions they played slightly differed from the original stock but were truly from the same spirit and had nothing to concede to their early days. Next time you guys come in Beloeil, you could save a bit of time for a few Frisbee handoffs in the parking lot… There’s been a lot of Gentle Giant’s music playing there long before this band came to play live!

  3. Hello, hello, hello…Thank you boys and girl (wonderful artist this young girl you have) for a marvelous concert yesterday in l’Assomption, Québec. I was front row and have only one thing to say…You guys totally ”wow’ed” me. Hey people!!!!!! Don’t even hesitate to see Three Friends in concert…You will be ”wow’ed” as well.

  4. Saw the band at BB KIng’s last night. Amazing show! So wonderful to hear this music played live again. You guys and gal kicked serious butt! Gary, the last time I saw you play (with GG) was on the Interview tour in Central Park NYC! That was a long time ago.

  5. The show last evening in NYC was just incredible- there is no other way to put it. Thanks so much for keeping this music not only alive, but often sounding better than the original recordings!

  6. just home from Sellersville, PA. small, but very nice theater. about half full. two one-hour sets. no Charlotte and Pierre sat in for Mick. but they couldn’t have played better. nothing lost at all. if anyone else in attendance sees this, please, what were the last two songs (the encores). Three Frends and Giant? met everyone (except the keyboard player) at the after-show meet & greet. they couldn’t have been nicer. if anyone taped the show, get in touch!

  7. i too was at the central park show. the first time i seen gentle giant was at the acadamy of music in nyc. they were backing up Focus at that show & playing material from The power and the glory that had just been released. Awesome- obviously.

  8. I don’t know if this has already been stated somewhere else on this website or anything else, but would you fine musicians consider writing some new material? I’m just curious.

  9. Hi Doug,
    The 2 encores were Free Hand + Alucard. We ended the 2nd set with Mr. C&Q with Three Friends.

    The venue was fabulous and very conducive to a ggreat performance, especially with the awesome musicianship of each member.
    Looking forward to a repeat performance in a near future.
    Hail! ♫♪ :o)

    • Thank you, Pierre. The “Alucard” encore was downright SCARY! Perfect for the Halloween season. It’s great that they’re pulling out such rarities. By the time I turned onto GG, around the time of the Free Hand album, they had put most of the material from the first three albums to pasture, so i never became as familiar with them as I did with the later albums.
      And thank you for such an amazing performance. They’re lucky to have you to sit in for Mick. When I saw TF at the Keswick in Glenside, PA (we discussed this at the meet & greet in Sellersville), you were with them also. Such a great singer! Again, thank you. Doug.

  10. Thank you ALL for coming to Israel and sharing your music with us. All i can say is WOW!I waited 35 years to see GG live, and the band lives up to the name. Please come again i will be waiting…
    Anthony lee

  11. Hi guys. I have been a GG fan since the seventies but never got to see them live. Your performance at Outremont was absolutely awesome. Thanks and long live Three Friends.

  12. Thank you for your music! Without you (and the whole Gentle Giant history) I´d never started my career in music. Saw you live in Hamburg (1976). Now I´m “working all day” as a pianist, organist and keyboarder in classical music and fusion (art) rock. If you need a second keyboarder for some gigs, please contact me.
    Please come to Hamburg (or Northern Germany)!

  13. I’ve just a kind of site improvement concerning the adress of artrock festival in the blogroll: that domain has changed and now is

    Anyway, I do still remember your 2009 concert in Würzburg. This was an important point for me to deeper listen to GG music! Thanks a lot for that!


  14. A sentire le vostre canzoni sembra che il tempo non sia mai passato , oramai ho 57 anni e ricordo come fosse ora la prima volta che ascoltai Giant….Un abbraccio dal un Vs grande fans Italiano.

    • Ciao sono del 1955 e ho visto loro a TRAVAGLIATO nel 1973 se vuoi risentirli ci vediamo al VERUNO PROG 2+1 il 7 SETTEMBRE 2013 H.21,00 ciao GIANTMAX

  15. Guys! Get yourselves over to Cropredy, Fairport Convention’s fest in August in the sunny heart of Oxfordshireshire (sic). We love prog amongst the hey nonny nonny and the mighty Stackridge went down a storm a couple of years ago, probably the only other UK band as wierdly wonderful as you are! Ric and Peggy will probably make you play ukeleles, but you’re big enough to take that!


  16. Dear webmaster,

    as user Fakir already wrote above, the domain of Freakshow art rock festival’s webpage has changed already some time ago.

    Please change the corresponding entry “Art Rock Festival” in the blogroll on the right hand side of your site from to

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Webmaster Freakshow Würzburg

    P.S. After applying, you can delete this post, no problem

  17. While your here on the west coast playing BajaProg/Mexicali will
    you come up to the L.A. area for a show or two?

    • ..ciao vengono in ITALIA a Veruno Festival PROG 2+1 il 6 SETTEMBRE 2013…la sera prima Neal Morse Band….INGRESSO GRATUITOOOOOOOO

  18. Yesterday I listened to my new awesome quad mixes CD/DVD’s of Free Hand and Interview – omg, after all this years, Gentle Giant is still my all time favourite, so good, to hear it in this great quality. Especially the guitar solos… woooohooo… I get goosebumps all over when I’m listening to this fantastic guitar on “His Last Voyage”… there are thousands of really fantastic guitar players on this planet, but if I had the chance to choose, which one’s feeling and ability I would like to have, my answer would be definately “Gary Green”… :o)

    It’s so great to know, you all still keep GG’s music alive and it’s one of my biggest dreams, to see Three Friends live. It’s about 37 years ago, since I saw GG live 2 times live in the mid-70ies and it’s still at the top of hundreds of concert, I’ve seen in the meantime.

    Is there any chance to see you here sometimes in Germany or somewhere else in Europe? How about a european tour? I’m sure, the big family of GG fan’s will do almost everything for that… just tell us, you would like and let’s try to activate all fans and make it happen… :o)

  19. Message to Gary Green:
    Never had the chance yet to meet you, i hope to do it someday. I’m a professional musician playing saxophone and guitar mostly , I also teach saxophone and Jazz Improvisation at Sherbrooke University, the exact venue you played twice with Giant, the first time 25 march 1973, exactly 40 years tomorrow!!!!
    Just to let you know that this very show convinced me to become a professional musician; I was very impressed by the whole band but specially by you I guess with your blues roots.
    Thanks again for everything, really would love to meet you someday.

    Hope you’ll get message!
    Richard Savoie

  20. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing Lee play with Steve Hackett on Cruise to the Edge. Now I can’t wait for Three Friends to play in the NYC area.

  21. When are you coming to Boston? Would expect students at Berkley College of Music would love your band!

  22. Any chance you’ll come to Scandinavia again anytime soon? Preferably to Norway. One of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t have the opportunity to go to Gothenburg to see you in 2009. I can still feel the pain.

  23. Pllllleeeeaaaaase….come to southern-germany! If you promise I will write to you my favorite track list 🙂 Best regards Roland

  24. Will you be coming to NY anytime in 2013/2014. My fiancee absolutely LOVES gg and seeing you guys would be a great experience for him.

  25. Can’t wait to see you’ll at the cruise to the edge . What an event . The videos are outstanding . Thank you so much for reforming and not letting one of the greatest bands ever , die . You are tremendous . Thank you.

  26. So in short, cancel all other plans and embark on a world tour.
    Like Knut writes above, one of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t go and see you in Gothenburg.

  27. as a kid in the early 70s, my two brothers were listening many pop music as pink floyd, yes, jethro tull, magma and… gentle giant… I needed to grow up a bit before i could go to live concert in the early 80s. And now, maybe, I just discovered you may go play in Paris on coming october… I cross the fingers, this may happen, but surely, i will be there if you too. I stay tune. Thanks, really thanks !!!

  28. Thanks for a great gig at the Ropetackle (2014) We travelled from Oxford to see you. Last time we saw Giant was in Manchester on the Glass House tour in 1973. Giant are one of the few bands I still listen to from the 70’s, a testament to how bloody good this music is. Keep it up guys can’t wait to see you again CHEERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Lifetime Giant fan after seeing them in Derby Kings Hall 1974 (i think), in preference to an unknown band called Dire Straits?? When will we see you in the UK?

  30. need new tour info probably on a real vacation this time and retured the rentle.

  31. I am in Michigan and would love to see any remnants of gentle giant that I possibly could. Please give me something over here in the US…..please?

  32. Please Come to Michigan!!! Last time I saw you guys was with Renaissance at Ford auditorium in Detroit back in the 70’s. Still one of my favorite shows to this day.

  33. What a privilege to be able to hear Giant music live again. Your efforts to keep it alive is deeply appreciated. Sounds wonderful.

  34. I have seen Giant a few times in the 70’s but I saw you in 2012 at Théâtre Outremont you were spot on amazing.
    When will be coming back to Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City or Toronto?

  35. Hope you perform near Baltimore .When I’m off tour . I saw gentle giant on my 14th birthday. At a nightclub called the Coast to Coast . 40 years ago.

  36. My husband is a diehard fan. Would love to surprise him with a trip to a performance! Boston would be perfect! 😉

  37. GG is the best progressive Art Rock Band ever.
    Love them since 40 years.
    Hope you will come to B, L, NL. F, or D as soon as possible.

  38. Hi there,

    I don’t know if Gary Green or any of the band will see this, or if anyone checks the emails currently.

    I have been a Gentle Giant fan since the latter part of the 80’s when I started getting deeper into buying records. Since I am 54, I was just a bit too young to have known about or attended a live GG show. I did see other groups of a similar genre in Toronto during the early 80’s and had heard of the band at that point.

    Over the years, I have always had a certain affection for the group’s music. The intricacy and gentleness contrasted with hard rocking, done in a most tasteful way. I love it!

    Anyway, to my point- I see Three Friends were active until a few years ago, according to the internet. I wish you/they were currently active or that you actually are and I somehow missed that info.

    Soft Machine were in Toronto on Oct 16. The venue they played, The Garrison, holds 175 people standing only. I do realize it is a difficult financial undertaking these days to tour in smaller venues, however Soft Machine in it’s current iteration played several dates at Iridium in NY and a number of other US locations, and at the very end of the west cost leg of the tour, finish at the Close to the Edge cruise. Pretty sure Gary has been there previously.

    So, how much do I have to pay you guys to play in Toronto?? Or, at the very minimum play a reasonable distance from Toronto. I would fly or drive to Chicago if necessary!

    Kind regards and wishing all the guys the very best life has to offer,

    Warren Tepperman

  39. I saw GG three times in Denver Colorado in the 70’s . Are Three Friends going to tour in 2019 in the U S? GG remains one of my all time favorites😀

  40. Hello Three Friends and music of Gentle Giant,

    I am a very long time fan of Gentle Giant and we rep, manage and book artists and routed tour dates for venues at performing arts centers and concert halls in the USA and North America.

    We’re in talks to arrange dates for progressive rock artists for dates in 2019-2020, and no roster would be complete without Gentle Giant.

    Wondering if you would be open to talks on dates for performances and interest in avails.

    Thank you in advance, and best wishes for the holidays to you and yours this holiday season.

    Merry Christmas!


    Ron Knight
    Knight Entertainment Group
    310 779 9885
    SKYPE : ron.knightkmi

  41. Hi guys, I’m an Italian fan of Gentle Giant since 1973, and I feel thet yr. sound is very very good! Did you never published any CD with Gentle Giant cover tracks?? If yes, is there any possibilty to get it? Ciao.

  42. Salut les boys! What’s new? Here in Quebec we missed you! Are you always in action? I saw you at Palais Montcalm in Quebec city with all my family. It was terrific!

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