UK Sep 27, 2012

Shoreham-by-Sea, UK

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Canada OCT 3, 2012
Beloeil Cultural

QC, Canada

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Canada OCT 4, 2012
Théâtre Hector-Charland

QC, Canada

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Canada OCT 5, 2012
Palais Montcalm

QC, Canada

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Canada OCT 6, 2012
Spect’Art Rimouski

QC, Canada

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Canada OCT 7, 2012
Theatre Outremont

Outremont, QC, Canada

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US OCT 9, 2012
BB Kings


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US OCT 10, 2012
Sellersville Theatre

Sellersville, PA, USA

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US OCT 12, 2012
Arcadia Theatre

Saint Charles, IL, USA

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Israel Nov 2, 2012
Reading 3

Tel Aviv, Israel

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77 comments on “TOUR

  1. Just discovered this! I watch the videos and break into a broad grin! I loved GG and would love to see you – when are you in England – and is there a local camp site!!!!

    Would like to offer us up as a support band – but quite frankly we’re not worthy!

    I believe Kerry has actually played through my (now defunct) bass rig – I was in a band with his accountant!

      • Sorry Paul – not me – I’m a 56 yr old nerdy electrician from Saltash in Cornwall – England!!!

    • Saw GG four times back in the day, A couple of years ago at age 58 I had never had the experience of pumping my fist in the air and letting out a whoop in reaction to reading printed text, but such was the visceral response to reading that Kerry had joined Malcolm and Gary. I wonder if Malcolm and Kerry got my message through Alucard I said if they played Montreal they would literally get a standing ovation just for walking on stage. They did. I couldn’t get tickets (I live in New Brunswick) and Kerry announced afterward that he would not continue (apparently Ray and Derek “were not comfortable with it.”) I hope the Shulmans will come to understand how much the fans appreciate the opportunity to hear this music performed and I’m sure Gary’s told the new guys that if ever one of them shows up…

    • Having never seen the band in it’s full form cos im to young i love GG there music is amazing, so yes come to Scotland ( im English btw) or England i will travel lol…

    • Didn’t know they lived over there now. They’re ENGLISH !
      Be wonderful if you played Newcastle by the way. Just found out about Three Friends. Followed GG religiously when i was a kid !

  2. Is there any chance you can come back to Ropetackle any time soon? we would love to see you guys here again.

  3. I’m so fortunate to live in the Montréal region! I’ve been a GG fan for the past, well, 38 years! I saw GG 3 times in the 70’s, 2 times as 3F always in Montréal (2008 and 2010) and I already have my tickets for 2 more shows in october!
    To all who will come in my region to see 3F, you will find a nice and enjoyable city that speaks French but you’ll find no problem being served in English!
    See ya in October!!

  4. I would just like to let you know that there is interest in your music down here in the states. Im 14, and I think it would be awesome to see you guys.

  5. saibam que voces tem um publico imenso aqui no Brasil, venham nos visitar e tocar pra gente. claro!!! muito obrigado!!!!!!

  6. Saw Giant many times as a young lad…easily the most entertaining act I have ever seen! Please bring your show to Toronto, maybe Massey Hall, where you blew poor old “Wishbone” off the stage when my Giant hymen was first broken back in ’73!

  7. Gentle Giant was several times in Germany. I think Three Friends will have to follow their tracks.

  8. No Ropetackle gigs lined up? I’m even contemplating coming to Montreal in the autumn!!!

  9. I had the pleasure to listen to your music yesterday in Trieste (Italy)!
    No words to tell.
    Thank you!! It was a gift to my soul.
    Hope to see you again!

  10. Why so few USA gigs? If you’re on the continent, make the most of it. Surely you can get a gig in Boston. Johnny D’s in Somerville puts on a lot of prog/jazz shows.

  11. Are there going to be any CD’s or DVD;s coming out? I asked Mortimer when you guys would ever come to San Francisco. He said he that would be great. I hope it happens one day.

  12. Pingback: “Three Friends” coming to Israel, November 2nd (2012) | Mitkadem = Progressive in Hebrew

  13. An Australian gig or three would be awesome… pity it would send you broke as well ;(

    I’ve gotten into GG in a big way recently, after skirting around the edges for some years. I also managed to cover them (in a way) on youtube – see:

    avs002 presents… giant002

    (remixed MIDI files with added keyboard-drums and guitar, plus some fun video snippets).

  14. Please, please do more dates in UK. Just got hold of the 4 CD box set of “I Lost my Head”, GG from 1975-1980. Fantastic music (although not all band members would agree at the time). GG have always had a big fan base in the UK,so bring it home.

  15. Saw the gig last night in Shoreham UK. It was the best live music experience I’ve enjoyed for a very long time. Top notch playing by the whole band..loved the baritone sax and guitar interplay. Gary Green, what a player!

  16. salut ! Vue le 3-10-2012 au quebec c est correct mais vive le band original le claviriste fais quelques erreurs

  17. I would love to see you guys live on the west coast–preferably Washington state–but I would drive to Portland or BC, Canada…BTW Gary, I will never forget the opportunity I had jamming with you at my brother’s house a few years ago–it was a blast.

  18. Wonderful, wonderful show tonight at the Sellersville Theatre, in Sellersville, PA (about an hour north of Philadelphia). What an enthusiastic crowd! Every piece, from Prologue to The Boys in the Band to Free Hand, was brilliant. Thanks, guys. Gary may have complained that some of his strings wouldn’t stay in tune, and Malcolm may have broken a bass drum pedal, but every bit of it was a joy. Cheers, Rob Vaughn, Quakertown, PA.

    • i seen them the nite before @ bb kings. amazing show. i think we all enjoyed hearing this muisc again. thanks boys… 🙂

  19. Hey guys. Cant wait to see u in Cincinnati just promise me u wont open for Elo. Had front row center for that show……came to see gentle giant. Now looking forward to three friends best wishes Steve

  20. I would love to see you cats anywhere anytime. I will travel. Caught you at San Jose Civic in “77” the next year with YES in Seattle. What about Bergherzberg or Zappanale in Bad Doberon. Keep Gig’n Love Ya

    Miss Ara Borealis

  21. Dropping in here to say that I had the great good fortune to meet Lee on the Cruise to the Edge.

    Lee, if you’re reading here, thanks for signing the set list! Can’t wait until you guys make it back to the NYC area!!!

  22. So, touring in 2013 or 2014? Please come to Europe. If you come in Belgium, I’m even offering you a drink! 😉

  23. Lee is still kicking it with Steve H. on the Genesis Revisited tour. Will be seeing them two nights in Sept. Maybe TF will return when this tour is over.

  24. Gary & company, PLEASE come to Texas. It’s been too long! I believe the last time was the Electric Ballroom in ’74 or ’75. Also Saw the show at the Majestic Theater in Dallas w/Steeleye Span as the opening act. I think there were only about 2oo or so attending and all of us were working musicians. You just blew us away. Come on guys, I may not live much longer. Hearing you again live is on my bucket list.

  25. As with a lot of other UK based people who’ve posted here, I would very much like to see you play a few gigs in the UK. I’m a long time Gentle Giant fan and I’ve known about Three Friends for some time, but the only UK gigs seem to be in Shoreham which is not easy for me to get to. Any chance of a few gigs further up the country?

  26. I have been a devoted fan of GG since the early 70’s. I play GG music from my smart ph in the small gym I work out in, just so I can continue to promote the music and raise and eyebrow. Please come to southern California to play. I have listened to 3 friends on you tube, and you have really nailed it beyond what I thought was possible!

  27. I live in Seattle Washington USA, I don’t have a lot of money but I would travel anywhere to see Three Friends. A small auditorium in San Jose California in 1977 was my favorite live show. Miracles are known to happen.


    Miss Ara Borealis

  28. I saw Three Friends on “Cruise to the Edge” last week, in the Golden Lounge. What a great performance! Later in the week I ran into Garry in the atrium — a very nice guy. Thanks guys! Brian, Oklahoma City

  29. Any plans for any East Coast USA gigs coming up — I was at the Keswick Theater in Philadelphia the last time you fellas stopped by and it was a jaw-dropping experience… wonderful!!

    Thank you all so much for keeping this music alive!!

    Mike, Harrisburg PA

  30. I saw them twice in 2009 and 2010, respectively. The band deserves my deepest honour. I would be incredibly grateful if I could ever see them again.

  31. Please come to Los Angeles. I listened to you, and many of my friends saw Gentle Giant back in the day. We turned our kids onto G.G. CDs and they got into them. Many of them are musicians or have a lifelong love of music….they are all adults now. I am in the process of replacing my old CDs with the re-mastered versions. So please come to L.A., you have many many fans here.

  32. Will you be coming back to philadelphia, pa … USA? Love to see you again! You guys are awesome.
    Steve Karcewski

  33. Tickets for concert in Paris at Cabaret Sauvage are now available ! Yes, got mine and waiting to see you eventually !

  34. This post is stupid and irritating. It has been out of date for 2 years and continues to be out of date. It’s a waste of space in my inbox. damn it, it doesn’t even mention the forthcoming Paris event. Pathetic.

  35. Hi René,
    There are 3 shows planned in Québec for October 2015 and the Montreal one is planned for the 3rd at l’Olympia de Montréal. The other 2 are at Palais Montcalm in Québec City, and the other one in St-Hyacinthe – forgot the nameof the arts centre.
    GGreat day! 🙂

  36. The videos I’ve seen have been wonderful. I saw GG many times in the L.A. area back in the 70’s and every show was tremendous *I wore out two vinyl copies of In a Glass House as well! I sincerely hope the band can get to L.A. of a show Tough for me to go to concerts nowadays – I’d crawl to that one!!!!

  37. yes I am coming to Florida on the cruise. Three Friends, Nektar, PFM !!! I can hardly wait. By the way I am looking for a room mate. Double occupancy was not going to keep me away but it is a little pricey.

  38. Will there be more live or videotaped performances in 2020? Longtime fan
    In the USA. Live in Baltimore MD or in Clearwater FL. Would gush if I could
    see a live performance in person!

    Best regards to all involved!

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