Three Friends perform in Mexico City….. arriba, arriba



13 comments on “Three Friends perform in Mexico City….. arriba, arriba

  1. New Jersey is also waiting! We love you guys! Listening to “Peel the Paint” as I type this! Good luck to you all!

  2. When Gary recovers PLEASE consider a show in Miami! I am a super die-hard Gentle Giant fan/Three Friends fan, and have never been able to see your wonderful music live. I am a high school science teacher, and was not able to attend the Cruise to the Edges because I could not get the time off – even though I live about 1 mile from the port! I’m only 40, so I wasn’t old enough to see GG in the old days. There are a LOT of Prog Rock/GG/Three Friends fans here….particularly because of our high percentage of international residents. So please please please consider an actual Miami show. Peace and Love! (Feel free to contact my email if you’d like appropriate venue suggestions.)

  3. Hey Gary – I hope all is well with you. Three Friends played at the Arcada Theater in St. Charles, Illinois, USA a few years back, (pretty sure you know where that is). It was outstanding. Your wife and son came up to me and thanked me for being there and supportive. I will never forget that for it was, I, that was thankful to see you reproduce the 7 , to an extent, GG concerts I had seen going back to 1972.

    Come on back, man. There are a lot of GG/Three Friends fans in the Chicago area. As you may recollect in your previous tours and/or living here.

    Let me know your thoughts.

    Joseph Trebat

  4. Any chance of future touring, guys? Saw you a couple of years ago at Sellersville theatre north of Philly, fantastic show, never thought I’d hear GG live ever again – its was all there!

  5. please play in europe
    you are the last band from the third greats where i have never see
    please please
    just the same in würzburg

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