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  1. Have Motzard, Bethoven and alle the Musiken thees Instroments, He have Playt
    The same musik. Grandios. Weltclass Musik.

    • I always though that Beethoven, Mozart and Bach would have formed a super group had they lived today. Bach on bass of course. Just for live tours they might have asked the divine Purcell along to sing, and yes it would certainly have the GG thing going on.

  2. guys – with the fantastic history and current following you have, this website is pitiful. How about a bit more depth??

  3. gentle giant was the best concert i ever saw to this day and i saw them twice in the seventies and early eighties thx guys for bringing some of it back

  4. Saw Giant twice…Playing The Fool Tour (opening for Focus) and the final tour in 1980. Just got my tickets for BB Kings show on October 9th. Looking forward to a great show!

  5. Few bands have equalled the Giant in terms of creativity, musicianship, and pure passion. Just flat out musical genius. The music sounds as fresh today as it did thirty-five+ years ago. Thanks guys. Keep it coming. As has always been the case, the music deserves to be heard far and wide.

  6. Saw the original band at Woolsey Hall, Yale New Haven in 1978ish, probably the finest concert I have seen, they did it all. My son , who I turned onto the band, bought me tics at BB kings, didn’t think it would be the same, might not without Derek and Ray, but the music sounds pretty close. Now if Hatfield and the North regroup would just try a bit harder……

  7. Finally! A chance to see a band that has no match in the music industry. Music that is ahead of time . Music For musicians and music lovers. I hope that you come to Florida soon !!!!

  8. Looking forward to your show in Israel-Tel Aviv. hope to hear my favorite song-Pantagruel’s Nativity!

  9. I was lucky enough to have seen GG many times in the NYC area from TPATG era onwards. I was at the Three Friends show at BB King’s last time around and it was OUTSTANDING!!!! Looking forward to Oct. 9. Thanks to Gary, Mortimore and all for bringing this music back to us.

  10. I was so glad when I heard someone was paying Gentle Giant. I am 63 years old and for over 40 yeears I have been following Gentle Giant. I was sad when they separated. But now with 2 members of the original band you can be sure I’ll go to every concert Three Friends will give in my area.

  11. I can’t believe I missed the show yesterday… hope to see you playing in the midwestern area of the US sometime again soon!

  12. I don’t even have a right to dream you coming to Brazil someday. Certain things in life only happen once, like GG era, and I missed it alive, fortunately have all the albums to listen to, nearly in a daily basis for decades. What more to say ?

  13. Ich hoffe Three Friends kommen auch mal nach Deutschland. Hier wartet ein großer Fan von Gentle Giant. Ich freue mich das Gary Green und Co. die Musik von Gentle Giant wiederbelebt haben.

  14. Saw Giant twice when I was around 16, and have loved the music ever since. Have bought albums from the States coz I couldn’t get them in the UK. Now have the full set and listen regularly. Was thrilled to find videos on You Tube, and followed the links to this site. Any sign of you playing in the UK any time soon gents?

  15. Saw GG several times in Hamburg/Germany during the 70´s. One of the greatest bands ever and a must to save this music for our children and more. Will never forget the reaction of the crowd when GG supported the famous musicians of Colosseum. What did Colosseum think when the crowd didn´t want GG to finish their show?. Whatever, in the end they all have enjoyed a remarkable concert.

  16. Seen in paris last year. Wonderfull private concert !

    Enjoy to go in Miami in November.

    The best group of the world.

    Laurent Barbier

  17. Amazing. I enjoy your versions of these songs so much I wish there were studio recordings to listen to. I imagine that wouldn’t be too difficult to do with today’s tech. It would be like a new GG record. I’d listen to it all the time. Aaaand, uh, I don’t know if you could do this, but why not throw in an original or two or three? I’d be really curious about what you guys could cook up analogous to the vintage GG, so it’s like a missing track from Octopus or something, That would kick ass like mad.

  18. This is as good as it get – fantastic performed! That says a lot since this the peek of prog – Gentle Giant is the best band who ever have entered a stage! My best wishes to Gary – hope he are doing fine!

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